<aside> ℹ️ Below is a high-level roadmap for the evolution of the DAO. All dates and activities occurring in each Season are subject to change.

In each Season of the DAO, members will shape design choices like: → The number of new members allowed in the next Season → The price of membership (the price of a SkywalkerZ NFT) → What additional NFTs (aka not the SkywalkerZ collection) we might want to release to the public for fundraising purposes → DAO partnerships → What educational/empowerment programs the DAO facilitates → And more...

At the end of each Season, there will be an auction of a 1:1 NFT that commemorates everything that was accomplished by the Dream DAO and its members during that Season. The proceeds of the auction would go toward funding the next Season of the DAO. (See How The Dream DAO Can Leverage Retroactive Funding).

LAST UPDATED: 2022-04-02


The Dream DAO Roadmap

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